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World Social Science Forum

It was decided at the 26th ISSC General Assembly in 2006 that a series of ISSC-convened World Social Science Fora, to occur at 3-4 year intervals, would be launched in parallel with an ISSC World Social Science Report series. The main purpose of the World Social Science Fora is to demonstrate the global presence, impact and authority of the social sciences.

The event showcases the social sciences by bringing together major researchers and stakeholders in international social science co-operation to address substantive topics of world significance as well as future priorities of international social science. The emphasis is on innovative and cross-disciplinary work, on cross-science collaborations with the natural and human sciences, and on engagement with funders and policy and decision makers in the worldwide science community.

The firts ever WSSF took place in 2009, in Bergen, Norway (for more, follow the link below).

Following a call for interest in hosting and co-organising the upcoming Fora, and the evaluation of the bids it generated, it has now been confirmed that the 2013 WSSF will be organised in partnership with a Canadian consortium led by the Montreal secretariat of the International Political Science Association (IPSA). It will take place in Montreal, Canada on 13-15 October 2013 and focus on the topic of “Social transformation and the digital age”. In line with ISSC’s strategic objectives to ensure synergies and continuity across its activities, it will draw on the theme of WSSF 2009 – ‘One planet, worlds apart’ – and the ‘Knowledge divides’ highlighted in the 2010 World Social Science Report, and explore the evolving digital world, its opportunities, challenges and impacts on society, industry, individuals and the environment.

The continuity principle will also link the 2013 WSSF forward to the 2015 WSSF which will take place in South Africa and focus on themes of global justice.