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Integrated Research on Disaster Risk (IRDR)

The 29th International Council for Science (ICSU) General Assembly in 2008 mandated the establishment of a major new interdisciplinary programme of ten years’ duration entitled Integrated Research on Disaster Risk – the challenge of natural and human–induced environmental hazards (IRDR). The programme is co-sponsored by the ISSC and the United Nations International Strategy for Disaster Reduction (ISDR)

The IRDR programme addresses the impacts of disasters on regional and global scales and brings together the combined talents of the natural, socio-economic, health and engineering sciences from around the world. IRDR focuses on hazards related to geophysical, oceanographic, climate and weather trigger events – and even space weather and impact by near-Earth objects.
There are three major research objectives:

  • to address the gaps in knowledge and methods for the effective identification of disaster risks;
  • to better understand just how decisions can contribute to hazards becoming disasters – or reduce their effects; and,
  • to develop knowledge-based actions that will reduce risk and curb losses.

Three cross-cutting themes support the objectives: capacity building, including mapping capacity for disaster reduction and building self-sustaining capacity at various levels for different hazards; the development of case studies and demonstration projects; and assessment, data management and monitoring of hazards, risks and disasters.
An important element of the programme is the development of case studies that analyse disasters caused by natural phenomena to establish what was done well and what caused failure – to avoid repeating mistakes.

IRDR activities are driven by a scientific committee. The committee members are jointly appointed by ICSU, ISSC and ISDR.



Executive Committee Chair: Sálvano Briceño

Executive Director: Dr. Jane E. Rovins

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