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scientific programmes

Research on Ethnic Conflict: Approaches to Peace (RECAP)

The ISSC launched RECAP in 2004 in order to take stock of the current state of research in the area of ethnic conflict and its resolution, to act as a clearing house for internet resources in this area of study, and to bring the latter to the attention of a wider public, including policy makers. The specific objectives of RECAP are

  • to take stock of existing research on the origins of ethnic conflict and on the range of approaches that are available to eliminate it;
  • to reduce it in intensity or at least to mitigate its effects;
  • to identify the principal gaps in current research in the area of ethnic conflict and conflict resolution;
  • to encourage further research in those areas in which obvious gaps have been identified; and
  • to ensure that research findings in the area of ethnic conflict and its resolution are readily available within the public policy sector, at the level both of national government and international bodies.

Coordinator: Prof. John Coakley

c/o University College, Dublin
Belfield Dublin 4,
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