Historical Comparative Surveys on Attitudes, Values and Beliefs

1) Asia-Europe Survey

2) Attitudes Towards Europe 1962

3) Candidate Countries Eurobarometer

4) Central and Eastern Eurobarometer (CEEB)

5) Civic Culture Survey (CCS)

6) Coping with Government in the Former Soviet Union

7) East Asia Value Survey

8) Globalization of Personal Data Project

9) Images of the World in the Year 2000

10) International Social Justice Project

11) International Stratification, Mobility, and Politics file, 1956-1991

12) IntUne Project

13) New Europe Barometer

14) Patterns of Human Concerns Data

15) People on War

16) Political Action I & II

17) Political Culture of Southern Europe – A Four Nation Study

18) Political Participation and Equality in Seven Nations

19) Political Participation, ISSC Workbook

20) Population Policy Acceptance Study

21) Post-Communist Publics Study

22) Reader’s Digest Survey of Europe Today

23) Transformation Process in Hungary, Poland, the Czech and Slovak Republic

24) USIA – International Relations USIA XX Surveys

25) Values and Political Change in Post-Communist Europe, 1993-94