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ISSC Executive Committee Member Katsuya Kodama wins Ahimsa (non-violence) Award for International Peace

ISSC Executive Committee Member Katsuya Kodama of IPRA (the International Peace Research Association, an ISSC Member Association) has won the Ahimsa (non-violence) Award for International Peace.
This prestigious award is to honour Professor Kodama for his peace research and writings, and for his commitment to building a healthy and nonviolent society.
The award, bestowed by the Anuvrat Global Organisation, will be presented by the President of India at a special ceremony in June this year.

April 2012

ISSC-NKGCF-ESSP-ICSU workshop, supported by DFG, discusses the fundamentals of integrated research

Despite the growing demand for integrated research, there is little clarity and agreement around the concept and its methodology. To address this problem, the ISSC, the German National Committee on Global Change Research (NKGCF), the Earth System Science Partnership (ESSP) and the International Council for Science (ICSU), with the support of DFG, convened an international workshop on the fundamentals of integrated research. Under the title ‘Integrated Global Change Research: co-designing knowledge across scientific fields, national borders and user groups’, the workshop (7-9 March 2012, Berlin) covered perspectives and examples of best practice in scientific (between disciplines), international (between countries and regions) and sectoral (between different stakeholders) integration.

Workshop outcomes will feed into the design of the 10-year research initiative “Future Earth – Research for Global sustainability”, currently being developed by the ISSC, ICSU and the Belmont Forum, together with UNU, UNEP, UNESCO and WMO as an observer. [ more… ]

March 2012

The ISSC’s World Social Science Fellows Programme is here!

CC: D Sharon Pruitt

The World Social Science Fellows Programme, a new ISSC capacity building initiative, has now started. With it, the ISSC sets out to build a new generation of social science leaders who can create knowledge for solutions to global problems. A network of competitively selected early career social scientists will work on cutting edge social science together with senior scientists, policy makers and others to ask the questions that matter - and answer them.

To learn more about the programme, click here.